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Insulin Injections are artificial SNAKE POISON!

If you are a Diabetic using Insulin and a glucometer, our COBRA ANTIDOTE will cure your Diabetes.

We warn about the use of computerised digital blood-sugar testing devices called GLUCOMETERS that are used to detail when diabetics were to inject harmful artificial snake poison called “MEDICAL INSULIN”!

Diabetes is prolonged by the use of tiny repeated jabs of insulin, instead of a full-blown snake bite that gives you all of the poison at once!


Insulin toxin is a harmful insulating liquid plastic carcinogen that coats red blood corpuscle irons and hinders the flow of the glucometer's electric impulse through the carbohydrate liquids of your blood. This reduced electric signal will digitally display as a false low sugar count, while raising snake poison dosages over time, which gradually result in a poorly state of health and prolonged diabetes. Insulin will cause overweight, latent sugar, interrupted sexual libido, and brain stroke!

INSULIN is used to fool patients into poisoning themselves! Insulin in the blood causes the glucometer to stop showing vital high blood-count of blood-iron necessary for your immune system to clean itself, and thus will detail you when to inject harmful insulin to bring down your high iron count. - Insulin in the blood insulates your blood and therefore hinders current flow, - pretty much like any plastic coating over an electric metal cable will stop electricity from reaching your fingers. Insulin is like a plastic switch that interrupts the flow of current, like it will interrupt the flow of blood-irons (phosphor) from reaching your internal organs. - The result is a fake low iron count which Western doctors claim to be a healthy sugar count. Diabetes is thus prolonged by the use of tiny repeated jabs of insulin, instead of a full-blown snake bight that gives you all of the poison at once!

COBRA ANTIDOTE is not a toxin and not sugar, but an aggressively bitter TANNIC IRON ACID we call an anti-toxin. When using Cobra Antidote, do not be surprised when the glucometer suddenly shows a sky-rocketing blood-sugar count of 270 – 300 or higher. - This high count of IRON ACID is healthy for the human body. Your glucometer can only read IRON. Do not let misapplied German medical technology fool you!

Artificial SNAKE POISONS such as Insulin and other insulative toxins do not belong in the human body! ...and they will not make you live longer, either. Cobra Antidote is not a snake poison, but an antidote against snake poison. - Don't be stupid! Do not worship Nazis!



Cobra Antidote – Snake Antidote / Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann, Safari Med. Verontologist.